New breeding facilities being built!

It has been a busy time here at TSI 2 - PCBA, with the construction of two new aviary units underway for the Maratua shama and for crestless firebacks.

The new Maratua Shama aviary unit is funded by ZGAP and features 40 new aviaries dedicated to these special birds, coming as a result of our very successful breeding programme. The most recent surveys on Maratua island have shown that this species is now functionally extinct in the wild with very few individuals remaining, if any at all.Like many other songbirds, they suffer from the rampant capture for the infamous Javanese songbird trade.

While the population at PCBA has recently grown to 60 individuals, the Maratua Shama is not kept at any other institution, therefore, additional capacities at PCBA are urgently needed.

This new aviary block also gives PCBA the opportunity to start housing the three focus shama species (Maratua, Kangean and Larwo Shama) separately out of sound of each other, meaning that the unique songs of each can be kept as it was found that the males would sometimes try to mimic and pick up parts of the song of other shama species that they can hear.